Understanding Relationship Issues

RELATIONSHIP ISSUES There can be multiple relationship issues if the learning styles of two persons are different and they do not have the awareness about the real reasons for differences (different learning styles). Our learning style is the colored glass or the window through which we look at the world and draw our conclusions. IfContinue reading “Understanding Relationship Issues”

Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-II

Law of Attraction in Ayurvedic Treatment Approach People who have watched “Dragon Ball Z”, a Japanese cartoon series, might recall the character “Vegeta”. Vegeta is a fighter who is able to grow his fighting skills with each fight he loses. Every time he is defeated, he absorbs the fighting experience to become as powerful asContinue reading “Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-II”

How Thinking and Behavior affect each other!

  Thinking/cognition and behavior – relationship and impact Does our thinking affect our behavior or vice versa or both? This information may be useful in figuring out ways to motivate ourselves to take up new challenges Saying that our thinking affects our behavior is an understatement. Actually, our thinking controls all the conscious and unconscious waysContinue reading “How Thinking and Behavior affect each other!”

Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-1

Something that we feel or think about continuously, consciously or unconsciously becomes our aim or the focus. The thought makes a deep impression in our mind. Ayurveda calls this impression a Sanskar. All energy naturally flows towards whatever we focus on and all future emerges from it. This is the Law of attraction! Law ofContinue reading “Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-1”

Cognition, Emotion, and Behaviour

Cognition, Emotion, and Behaviour are three steps that happen one after the other normally. Cognition is the process of processing the raw information received by the sense organs into a intelligible or actionable information. Cognition is much influenced by the past experiences. For example, a person who is scared of snakes will see a ropeContinue reading “Cognition, Emotion, and Behaviour”

Swadharma: Do what you love!

  Bhagavad Geeta defines what is Swadharma. Swadharma can be understood as a natural instinct, an inborn passion, a genuine interest or a way to live or a cause to die for! It is what you are. The swadharma of a sandal tree is to impart fragrance, even to the axe that cuts the tree. The swadharmaContinue reading “Swadharma: Do what you love!”

Are you nuts? (Mental health awareness in India)

Mental Health Awareness In India The ancient science like Ayurveda states the importance of mental health. In one of the shlokas defining health, sage Charak states “A person with balanced digestion, balanced physiological factors, and metabolism, balanced excretion, happy heart, senses, and mind only can be called HEALTHY”. It is important to note that theContinue reading “Are you nuts? (Mental health awareness in India)”