Is it possible to live without food, water and even air?

There are 5 layers of existence, and they can feed you without food, water and even air!!! A superhuman existence is waiting to be explored!

Ekadashi Fasting: Amazing Effects in Dental Problems

A live experiment with Ekadashi dry fasting on toothache and the results were amazing! Check out how?

What We Can Learn Today From Ayurveda

Holistic treatment, Psychosomatic approach, natural prevention and most importantly, the humanitarian attitude, there are so many things that we need to relearn from this ancient system of healing – Ayurveda!

The Ayurvedic Classical Text: Source but not the destination!

 Namaste, I am Kanika, an Ayurveda physician and today let us discuss how important is Classical Ayurvedic Text in Ayurvedic study! The User Manual of Health  You see, all products come with a user manual and this user manual describes everything about the product,its structure, functioning, how to repair, etc. However, isn’t the product itsContinue reading “The Ayurvedic Classical Text: Source but not the destination!”

Complete Relief from Mucus Accumulation in Sinuses through Dry Fasting – 48 Hours Ekadashi Observations

How I experienced a complete relief from sinus problem and breathlessness through Dry fasting!!!

The Companion Tree

In Indian culture, trees play a very important role in the lives of people. They are not only important for their material use. Trees are a part of family, a part of society and a part of life. In fact, trees were planted and worshipped in all religous cetemonies. A description Ram Charit Manas saysContinue reading “The Companion Tree”

My Experience with Ashtami Vrata in Traditional Hindu Intermittent Fasting

Namaste! I have been practicing traditional intermittent fasting as was practiced by my ancestors, to understand its effects and I have come to observe incredible results. It is a saying that Hindu people have thirteen festivals in three days (teen din me terah tehvar). Most of these festivals are associated with some of the otherContinue reading “My Experience with Ashtami Vrata in Traditional Hindu Intermittent Fasting”

Fast Health! Through Ayurvedic Fasting

The surest way to detox your body and prevent all kinds of diseases – Ayurvedic fasting techniques.

Not Another Natural Pain Killer: Hemp Oil works not only for migraine or arthritis but also for Alzheimer, insomnia, cardiac problems and so on

Hemp oil – a natural option for pain management, a Herbal Alternative for Vicodin and useful in Chronic Insomnia,Rheumatoid Arthritis,Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Seizure, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Migraine and many more disorders

What are Tridosha?

Tridosha are the most complicated of all Ayurvedic concepts. Here is what I have understood about the trio.