From RO to Boiled Water : A Healthier Change

Yesterday, it was no food-no water fasting for Somavati Amavasya. And by God’t grace, my RO water purifier broke down. My husband called the company for repairs. Meanwhile, we started boiling water for the daily drinking and cooking use. At night, after breaking the fast, I drank the boiled water and it tasted so mildContinue reading “From RO to Boiled Water : A Healthier Change”

Fruitarianism enhances the Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines

It has been more than six month now since I started strict fruitarianism (no grain diet, with occasional intake of cooked vegetables). And I can feel a huge difference on how Ayurvedic medicines affect my body. Many people have a complaint regarding Ayurvedic medicines that they take a long time to produce effects or theirContinue reading “Fruitarianism enhances the Effect of Ayurvedic Medicines”