What are Tridosha?

Tridosha are the most complicated of all Ayurvedic concepts. Here is what I have understood about the trio.

Prakriti : Code of Body Physiology

Dosha governs the health patterns and susceptibility to diseases of a person. 3 Dosha Vata, Pitta and Kapha are like 3 legs of a tripod on which the health is based. Any of the legs is disturbed, the health gets imbalanced. In every person, there is a constitution based on the 3 Dosha, which is alsoContinue reading “Prakriti : Code of Body Physiology”

Dosha and The Subprime Crises

I was watching documentary on subprime crises “The Inside Job” yesterday. The kind of high level collaborated corruption that explains subprime crises is enough to shake one’s belief in democracy itself. A communist regime probably would have at least contained the excessive salaries of the high level employees. All ideologies have their negatives and positives.Continue reading “Dosha and The Subprime Crises”

Qualities Of Dosha

More about Dosha Qualities of Vata – तद्यथा- रौक्ष्यं शैत्यं लाघवं वैशद्यं गतिरमूर्तत्वमनवस्थितत्वं चेति वायोरात्मरूपाणि;  tadyathā- raukṣyaṃ śhaityaṃ lāghavaṃ vaiśadyaṃ gatiramūrtatvamanavasthitatvaṃ ceti vāyorātmarūpāṇi; Inherent qualities of Vata are Rauksyam – Dryness Shaityam – Feeling Cold Laghvam – Feeling light Vaisadyam – clarity, fluidity (as opposite of viscosity) Gati – Motion, speed Amurtya – Shapeless Anavasthit –Continue reading “Qualities Of Dosha”


Dhatu is something that holds or sustains (धारण करना), similar to anabolism (Building up process). Dhatu is a very important factor as it holds the life force and controls or steers the Dosha. Dhatu is like the hand that holds the steering wheel of Dosha, without which the wheel may throw the vehicle off trackContinue reading “Dhatu”

General Functions of Balanced Dosha:

सर्वशरीरचरास्तु वातपित्तश्लेष्माणः सर्वस्मिञ्छरीरे कुपिताकुपिताः शुभाशुभानि कुर्वन्ति- प्रकृतिभूताः शुभान्युपचयबलवर्णप्रसादादीनि, अशुभानि पुनर्विकृतिमापन्ना विकारसञ्ज्ञकानि||९|| uraḥ śiro grīvā parvāṇyāmāśayo medaśca śleṣmasthānāni, tatrāpyuro viśeṣesarvaśarīracarāstu vātaPittaśleṣmāṇaḥ sarvasmiñcharīre kupitākupitāḥ śubhāśubhāni kurvanti- prakṛtibhūtāḥ śubhānyupacayabalavarṇaprasādādīni, aśubhāni punarvikṛtimāpannā vikārasañjñakāni||9|| The normal (physiology) Dosha, in balanced condition, result in good health, Upachaya (body nourishment) Bal – improvement of strength and immunity Varna Prasad – improvement ofContinue reading “General Functions of Balanced Dosha:”


Dosha is something which has tendency to malaise or spoil. It can be understood as a factor of catabolism (breaking down process in the body) Also Dosha is a concept in itself. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 kinds of Dosha or body temperaments – Vata, Pitta and Khapha. It is said that as lifeContinue reading “Dosha”


It is considered to be the end product of entire metabolism, or let us say, the fruit of it. Ooja is the protoplasm, life force or pure energy. According to Ayurveda, the food particles ingested in the body are converted to rasa or food juice, best part of rasa gets converted to Rakta (blood), best part of blood gets converted to Mansa(Muscles), best of which gets converted to Meda(Fatty tissue), Meda converts to form Asthi(Bone tissue),Asthi converts to Majja( Marrow) andContinue reading “Ooja”

Mal : Body Waste

Mal is the waste, a by-product of metabolism. Purish – Solid Excreta Mutra – Urine Sweda – Sweat The texts say that these mal gratify the body by leaving appropriately, very true! Ask the people having constipation or loose motion. Also each Dhatu, while getting converted, leaves a mal respectively except Shukra, which is consideredContinue reading “Mal : Body Waste”