Dosha in Simpler Terms

What exactly is the dosha concept of Ayurveda? Let’s understand it in simpler everyday terms … More Dosha in Simpler Terms

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Dosha and The Subprime Crises

I was watching documentary on subprime crises “The Inside Job” yesterday. The kind of high level collaborated corruption that explains subprime crises is enough to shake one’s belief in democracy itself. A communist regime probably would have at least contained the excessive salaries of the high level employees. All ideologies have their negatives and positives. … More Dosha and The Subprime Crises

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Qualities Of Dosha

More about Dosha Qualities of Vata – तद्यथा- रौक्ष्यं शैत्यं लाघवं वैशद्यं गतिरमूर्तत्वमनवस्थितत्वं चेति वायोरात्मरूपाणि;  tadyathā- raukṣyaṃ śhaityaṃ lāghavaṃ vaiśadyaṃ gatiramūrtatvamanavasthitatvaṃ ceti vāyorātmarūpāṇi; Inherent qualities of Vata are Rauksyam – Dryness Shaityam – Feeling Cold Laghvam – Feeling light Vaisadyam – clarity, fluidity (as opposite of viscosity) Gati – Motion, speed Amurtya – Shapeless Anavasthit – … More Qualities Of Dosha

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