Healing through the Magical Water

Can a simple glass of water heal all your diseases? Let’s explore the scientific basis of energy healing and how to make the magical healing water yourself!

Is it possible to live without food, water and even air?

There are 5 layers of existence, and they can feed you without food, water and even air!!! A superhuman existence is waiting to be explored!

Ekadashi Fasting: Amazing Effects in Dental Problems

A live experiment with Ekadashi dry fasting on toothache and the results were amazing! Check out how?

Complete Relief from Mucus Accumulation in Sinuses through Dry Fasting – 48 Hours Ekadashi Observations

How I experienced a complete relief from sinus problem and breathlessness through Dry fasting!!!

Healing wounds with Sattu (Roasted Jowar-chana Flour)

Can you heal a wound by applying food? Yes, you can! Chapter on Ayurvedic injury management in Charak samhita describes wound healing through sattu (roasted chickpea and barley powder). I personally experimented with this method and the results were amazing!!!

Karnapurana – Ayurvedic Ear Oiling

Ayurvedic Ear Oiling – Karnapurana for ear wellness,