My Mindful Cooking

Mindful Cooking – the meditation that produces soulful food!

Smarter Solution than Vaccine!

If some people can stay asymptomatic with COVID19 infection, why can’t we all? Is this not a better solution when the vaccine for corona virus is not immediately available!

Healing through the Magical Water

Can a simple glass of water heal all your diseases? Let’s explore the scientific basis of energy healing and how to make the magical healing water yourself!

What is the best Ayurveda treatment for weight loss or maintenance?

The most sensible Ayurvedic approach towards a sustainable weight loss, a must read if you regain weight again and again!

Crucial Reason Behind Weight Gain: Real Case Discussion

The Original Health Query I am eating a lot! Food that are not health at all: chocolates, candies, fast food, hamburger, and I am feeling this urge to eat all the time. I can’t tell you that this is making me feel bad, I am feeling so happy and realized when eating these things, specially chocolate.Continue reading “Crucial Reason Behind Weight Gain: Real Case Discussion”

General Ayurveda Dietary Plan

General Ayurveda Dietary Plan is where you can start your Ayurveda Journey, because you are what you eat!

Why Home Remedies Don’t Work, and How to Safely Try Unknown Home Remedies!

Why don’t the home remedies work for some people and not for others? and is there a safe method to try unknown home remedies?

Complete Relief from Mucus Accumulation in Sinuses through Dry Fasting – 48 Hours Ekadashi Observations

How I experienced a complete relief from sinus problem and breathlessness through Dry fasting!!!

Health Basics of Ayurveda

What are the pillars of Ayurvedic healthcare? Ayurveda prescribes elaborately on a healthy daily routine, seasonal routine, and mental health practices, ensuring unhindered metabolism and a perfect state of health. This article briefly reflects on these basics and their importance.

Back to nature!

When God said, “Be content with what you have,” I think that it was also a piece of health advice. Seasonal,local and natural food is the best.