Healing through the Magical Water

Can a simple glass of water heal all your diseases? Let’s explore the scientific basis of energy healing and how to make the magical healing water yourself!

Why Home Remedies Don’t Work, and How to Safely Try Unknown Home Remedies!

Why don’t the home remedies work for some people and not for others? and is there a safe method to try unknown home remedies?

Concept of Nutrition In Ayurveda

What is real nutritious according to Ayurveda? Read more about it here…

Types of Foods Preparations

According to Ayurveda, the real essence of a food item is not based only on the chemical composition, nutritional content or the calorie count. The first parameter is the easy digestion of the food. If the stomach or intestine is not able to digest the food properly then all the nutritional value will go toContinue reading “Types of Foods Preparations”


Satmya means something that is naturally favourable or comfortable for the body.  It is said that even if something is not compatible to the human body in general, after exposure for a long time, starting with small quantities; the body makes physiological changes to adapt itself to that particular substance. It can be anything, fromContinue reading “Satmya”


Ritucharya for all seasons is divided in 3 parts – commencement, maintenance and withdrawal from the seasonal practices. Sandhikal is the time joining the beginning of the ensuing season and simultaneous withdrawal from the previous season. So in Sandhikal the health practices of the previous season should be gradually replaced by the new seasonal healthContinue reading “Sandhikal”

Effect of Ritu (seasons) on Dosha

Let us assume that in a healthy body, there is proportionate amount of kinetic energy, heat and inertia or mass. It is true that energy cannot be destroyed so due to external stimuli the energy is forced to convert from one form to the other, making an excess of one and deficiency of the otherContinue reading “Effect of Ritu (seasons) on Dosha”

Introduction to Ritucharya

Every season has two aspects in terms of Dosha, which can be understood as the vacillation of a ball from its rope. The ball goes from one end to the other. Two things happen at the same time. The ball goes to one end and, in the process, generates the momentum to go to theContinue reading “Introduction to Ritucharya”


Ritu (Sanskrit: ऋतु) is the Sanskrit word for season. There are six ritu (seasons). This word comes from the Sanskrit word – Ṛtú, a fixed or appointed time, for example – appropriate time for yajna or ritual. It is derived from the word root (ऋत) meaning “order or course of things”. The body is dependent on the inputs from theContinue reading “Ritu”