My Mindful Cooking

Mindful Cooking – the meditation that produces soulful food!

Minimalist Ayurvedic Life

Ayurvedic Life is essentially minimalist in its approach. It is the cheapest and the simplest. And you don’t need exotic herbs or expensive therapies to live an Ayurveda life. In this blog series, find out how you can live an Ayurvedic life with zero expenditure. Dedicated to all minimalists!

SCAMDEMIC SCIENCE: Coronavirus “cases” are medically meaningless, yet being used to justify weaponized lockdowns to destroy humanity

The Sooth Medicine – Ashwagandha for Concentration

A perfect remedy for a perfect concentration! with no side effects but only side benefits – Ashwagandha. A magic drug backed with scientific evidence.

The Coronil Confusion: Can Anu Taila Prevent Corona Infection?

How effective is CORONIL for preventive and management in COVID19? Find all information along with scientific facts!

The Slap Medicine

Smart drugs other performance-enhancing drugs produce instant concentration. However, they take away much more from the body in return. And we need to evaluate whether its immediate concentration enhancing effect is worth the risks or not!

Big Pharma achieves total legal immunity for coronavirus vaccines; even as vaccine injections will be FORCED onto billions of people, potentially killing tens of millions


Mindfulness : A way to experience life every second!

Masks Cause Damage: Study Reveals Mask-Hypoxia-Blood Clot Connection

Important information!

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second Wave? Not Even Close

Written By:  J.B. Handley, Jr. Why did politicians ever lockdown society in the first place? Can we all agree that the stated purpose was to “flatten the curve” so our hospital system could handle the inevitable COVID-19 patients who needed care? At that point, at least, back in early March, people were behaving rationally. They accepted thatContinue reading “LOCKDOWN LUNACY 2.0: Second Wave? Not Even Close”