Things about Ayurveda they will never tell you!

Ayurveda is a hot market, and everyone wants his share. And therefore, people have come up with innovative products, mystical services, and over-complicated explanations for them. Some people blindly support anything by the name of Ayurveda, and others are over-critical.
Here are a few points that most of the people might not know about Ayurveda –

Ayurvedic or Non-Ayurvedic

The big question is – what is Ayurvedic and what is not? Charak Samhita makes a fascinating statement after describing the medicinal properties of 500 herbs. It says, “There is no end to this subject, yet the people with low intellect do not support the concise description. Therefore, here we describe the herbal characteristics are neither too short nor too detailed manner. These 500 herbs are enough for vaidya with low intellectual capital. And a vaidya with developed intellect, intuition and (foresight), discretion can understand the unspoken too.”
Therefore, these descriptions are indicative, and we can deduce finer details by diving deep in this knowledge. In fact, Ayurveda says that every substance present in the universe is potent medicine for one or the other disease. And therefore, no herb is not Ayurvedic, whether it is Gingsing, or lavender, or thyme.
However, unfortunately, almost the entire crowd of Ayurveda physicians today possess low intellectual capital, including me. Even if I can successfully implement knowledge about ten herbs, I will settle with a roaring practice!!!
Therefore, it is essential to know the way to distinguish between the classical Ayurvedic and so-called Ayurvedic products made by the random mixing of herbs without any application of intellect or the feeling of human welfare but greed.

Classical vs Patented Preparations

Most of the classical Ayurvedic preparations will have their source mentioned in the package. For example – Charak Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Ras Ratna Samuchchya, or Yogaratnakara, etc. These are classical Ayurvedic texts, and you can easily google them.
Even if the preparation has a modern name, it might be derived from a classical preparation. The patent laws don’t work on classical Ayurvedic preparations. Anyone in the world is free to use traditional Ayurvedic recipes for human welfare. But most of the salespeople omit or add a few primary ingredients, conduct a small sample study, and patent a modified form of classical medicine. This patent helps them to combat the considerable competition in the traditional medicine market. However, these modified products might or might not be as effective depending on the variations. According to my personal experience, classical Ayurvedic products have a multi-dimensional effect and successfully prevent allergic reactions.
I hope that this information will help you to distinguish between the Ayurvedic and Non-Ayurvedic.

The Myth of No Side Effects

I lot of information about Ayurvedic medicines is available online. The most crucial factor is that most of the Ayurvedic physicians don’t know whether a particular medication is needed or not. I want to refer to the onion effect of Ayurveda here. Basically, Ayurveda does not support any market. The Ayurveda market that we see today is just like the outer peel of the onion. The real Ayurvedic treatment is way different.

The Indispensable Step in Ayurvedic Treatment

The Core of Ayurvedic Treatment – Nidana Parivarjanam

The first principle of Ayurvedic treatment is nidana parivarjanam or removal of the cause. Ayurvedic treatment does not start with medicines. It begins with psychotherapeutic help as, according to Ayurveda, the mind is the remote control of the body. And any mental disorder like stress can be the first and foremost hindrance in the permanent cure.

By saying this, I do not imply that I would ask a person bitten by a snake or burnt to 80 degrees to sit comfortably and practice breathing exercises. Emergency medical attention is always a priority. However, once the person is in a settled medical state, this is the hierarchy of importance that a wise vaidya should follow. During the treatment, all the factors come together to complete the rainbow of Ayurvedic medicine. Counseling (Ashwasana Chikitsa), listening patiently and comforting the patient can bring a magical placebo effect on the patient’s mind and body. satvavjaya link

After healing the mind of the patient and his dear ones (stress is infectious), it is essential to remove the unhealthy dietary and lifestyle habits of the patient. As Dr. B M Hegde quotes – Input can never be different than output. The harmful deviations in food and lifestyle are always the second main contributors to the disease. And therefore, if you do not correct the diet and lifestyle, there will be no permanent cure. You might see some slight improvements as the medicines fight the metabolic disturbances alone. Still, as these disturbances reoccur with continued practice of flawed food and lifestyle habits, the disease is never cured of the roots.
Therefore, you must practice Ayurvedic proscription more strictly than the medicine intake. In fact, I have personally seen many patients getting cured just through diet control. Gerson Therapy is a liberal approach in this regard.
Another point, some Ayurvedic physicians are keen only on selling medicines or some exotic detox services and might not tell you about the proscription properly. Charak Samhita describes such vaidyas(Ayurveda practitioners) as Yamaduta (messengers of the god of death)!

Most of the exotic Ayurvedic retreats are so sinfully expensive that even I would never risk sending anyone there. In contrast, Ayurvedic detox and essential internal cleansing are so simple that Ayurveda treatment can be completely free! The best (little slower) detox is through eating fruits, roots, and raw food. Water fasting, milk fasting, fruit fasting are excellent ways to simultaneously detox and strengthen the digestive system. Everyone does not need panchkarma, and no ethical Ayurvedic physician should propel anyone towards exorbitantly priced services.
In my future blogs, I will mention some crucial factors that you must remember while consuming Ayurvedic Rasa Shastra medicines, including heavy metals bhasma and other mineral-based compounds.

Hope this information reaches far and helps everyone in need. Thanks for reading!

More about The Ayurveda Channel


Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe in these uncertain circumstances.

One of my clients is an Ayurveda teacher in US. She was practicing Ayurveda for more than 10 years …..and she did not know the very basic concept of ritucharya!!!. There are so many people who want to practice real Ayurved, however all quality information is either very expensive or very hard to find. Therefore, I am trying a new way to make authentic Ayurvedic information available in easily understandable manner.

Many people recently suggested that videos and animations are a more expressive way to explain Ayurvedic concepts. It is true because I understand better when I see something. Besides, video is always a better way to present a procedure.

So, I welcome you all to the Ayurveda Channel! Here you will find authentic Ayurvedic information direct from the original Ayurvedic texts. Initially, I will cover the basics of Ayurvedic preventive healthcare, very simple and easy to implement. Yet, these basics are the very foundation of Ayurvedic preventive healthcare. Some of the topics are –

Orientation (Essential steps for true Ayurveda immersion)

Nidan Parivarjanam Series(eliminating the cause of disease)

Ayurvedic Meals (How to choose, process and consume food)

Dinacharya ( Ayurvedic daily regimen)

Ritucharya ( Ayurvedic seasonal regimen)

I know that it is hard to change some harmful habits. But we all are intelligent creatures. And I believe that instead of telling you what to do and what not, I can present you with simple logic and leave the decision to you.

And I am sure that once you understand something, you feel empowered and more prepared to make a change. You can find a list of health habits everywhere. But I will try to explain the logic behind the Ayurvedic tenets in all my videos. I sincerely hope that it empowers you to make a positive change in your life!

Most of Ayurvedic Information has no link to Authentic Ayurvedic Text!

Namaste, ​

There is tons of “Ayurvedic” advice floating online. And they are meant to direct you to some “product”.However, many times they do not have any base in classical Ayurvedic text. ​I hope to create videos and animations on the authentic Ayurvedic text, with a logical explanation. ​

But, ​Ayurved is healing wisdom. It should be free of marketing clutter. I want people to know that they can keep healthy without any expensive medicines, health supplements, therapies, or exotic herbs. No one needs to buy health. Health is an innate gift given to all. Ayurved teaches us to preserve the gift!

This is a short video(1 min) to emphasize on the need of authentic Ayurvedic information for the layman. I hope that you enjoy watching it!

​Initially, I will focus on the basics and preventive measures. I hope that these videos help people to find natural ways to prevent and cure diseases. We need to understand that true health, beauty, and happiness come from within, and not without. I want to make these creations freely accessible to all. If you like my content and feel that I can make a difference, please contribute on / Paypal (

The Ayurveda Channel

The Cure Without Medicine!

Hi all,

Welcome to the Ayurveda Channel. This is my attempt to put my ideas about Ayurvedic medicine in visuals and I hope that it will help to convey them in a much more effective manner.

There is so much “Ayurvedic information” available online. However, most of this information is not directly derived from any authentic Ayurvedic text. This information is a just a bye-product of the growing Ayurveda market. Unfortunately, this unverified herbal info eats on the reputation and authenticity of classical Ayurveda.

The Ayurveda Channel is an attempt to make authentic Ayurvedic information, based on classical Sanskrit text available to a layman. This is the link to a short introductory video to the Channel. Please share and subscribe if you like it. Also let me know about the Ayurvedic topics that you would like to see on this channel.

I hope that we discover the bliss of Ayurveda together, with the Ayurveda Channel.

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The aim of this blog and my YouTube channel is that the sick should not be made to pay any consultation fee. Besides consultation fee is against the ethics of Ayurveda. Ideally, a vaidya (Ayurveda physician) should charge only for the medicines or some services (like panchkarma). Medical advice should be freely available.

Even medicines were made free for the poor. According the classical Ayurvedic text, vaidya (Ayurveda physician) has a right to keep 1/11 part of the medicine prepared for the rich patient for the poor patient. This is such a beautiful practice to preserve the dignity of the sick and the poor!

But today consultation and diagnosis are some of the biggest revenue generators for physician. Once you visit a physician, you will see your money evaporate like vapor. Pharmaceutical business has reached completely another level!!!

Most of us don’t know that Ayurvedic mediicnes are as good as sugar pills, if the fundamental step of nidan parivarjanam (removal of the causal factors) is not applied. Unfortunately, most of the Ayurveda physicians also practice Ayurveda in allopathic manner. Instead of focusing on the accurate diagnosis of the causal factors, they write some medicines on a piece of paper in 5 min and are done.

However, the real role of the vaidya is like a detective. A detective does not fight to change anything, she uncovers the truth, the problem – and the problem is a mirror image of the solution.

In an exam, you cannot answer the question without reading the question properly. In the similar manner, you cannot pop any pill in your mouth and expect a cure. Applicability is the key here!

And once you know the reason and remove it, the disease will be completely gone. Your body will cure, repair and rejuvenate itself. I sincerely believe that Ayurveda is priceless! and with basic Ayurvedic knowledge, we all can prevent and cure all our diseases.

As for medicines, whatever you have in your kitchen is quite enough to cure 99% of your problems! I would say that both diseases and their cures are hidden in the kitchen itself!

Therefore, through this blog and the Ayurveda channel is an attempt to empower everyone to take charge of her/his health. I hope that this content enables people to effectively prevent and cure their diseases by themselves.


The Ayurveda Channel

Some Organic Info

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If you have an eco-friendly and sustainable venture, please let me know. I will post about it free of cost.

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The Ayurveda Channel

Why is a patient not allowed to have non-vegetarian food during an Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment starts with stoppage of any disease aggravating factor. Appropriate food, which is easy to digest and creates minimum toxins while getting digested.

The digestion normally becomes weak when the body is faced with a disease. Non-vegetarian food is a little harder to digest and absorb as compared to the vegetarian diet. Therefore to avoid any extra burden on the digestive capacity of the body, it is advisable to avoid it.

However, it is not compulsory to avoid the non vegetarian diet. The point is to have easily digestible food. In this light, even heavy or oily vegetarian food should be avoided!

Also, Acharya Charak prescribes non vegetarian soups esp. chicken soup for early recuperation in case of Shaya(tuberculosis) if the patient is very weak. Here you can find a list of best non-vegetarian food suggested by Acharya Charak – Best Foods in Ayurveda

The food and medicine should be “satmya” or agreeable to the patient. if the patient detest the medicines or the food, he might not get the full psychosomatic benefit from them. If a person is a vegetarian by faith, chicken soup will make him more sick, if he is non-alcoholic by faith, alcoholic cough syrups might have 0 effects or side effects. Because mind controls all body responses on conscious or subconscious level. In fact, the feeling of guilt or stress due to eating non-vegetarian food, or an alcoholic cough syrup might trigger severe degrade in immunity. How stress kills your body

Similarly, an active person, for example a soldier, will benefit immensely from a light non vegetarian diet, because it is compatible to his nature. It will be unfair if he is denied his best suited diet.

Unfortunately, Ayurveda is tinged with the religious thought process. It will take sometime for the saffron fog to clear!

Please visit the link for more information – Satmya


Some Ayurved Tips on Corona Virus

Ayurveda believes that any disease is not about germs but the tendency of the body to fall sick. And therefore, Ayurveda is not about killing coronavirus inside the body. It is more about developing the internal resistance to not only coronavirus but all the diseases. Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-II

The single most important factor for coronavirus and for all diseases is “body receptivity” for the pathogens. In a state of perfect metabolic balance, there is no space for the viruses to survive. And therefore, nidan parivarjanam is the primary and the single most effective treatment for coronavirus – remove the internal cause of the disease.

Spring is a transitional junction where the winter changes to summer. The body also follows the seasonal cycle. And this seasonal change is the time, where the body is changing its physiology, suitable to the new season.

We all need a changing room. Similarly, the body also needs a secure environment to make a huge shift from the cold weather to the hot one. When the body gets exposed to pathogens during this vulnerable period, we get disorders.

Right now, the spring is coming to end and the summer is going to start. According to Ayurveda, this season brings Kapha prakop or Kapha vitiation in the body.

In short, this is the time when the body is coming out of the heat preservation mode (good hunger, digestion, less blood flow to the skin, etc. ) to heat elimination mode( suitable for summer).

According to Charak Samhita, in this season, the Kapha dosha ( includes mucus, phlegm, and other fluids in the body) melt like ice and overflow from their natural station. This excess mucus handling is extra stress to the body. And it provides a good residence for the pathogens to thrive.

And therefore, this Kapha vitiation makes us susceptible to all kinds of respiratory disorders. This is an annual cycle. A young body with a vibrant metabolism rapidly flushes away the extra mucus from the system. And that’s why there are no major systems. However, if you have weak digestion, and a week immunity, you will have to go through the cycle of seasonal disorders.

In the case of coronavirus, it is one of the many pathogens that can find a suitable abode inside your body. And therefore, the fundamental treatment is to make the body invincible for coronavirus and avoid contact with sick people.

The first and elementary factor is – digestion as it is the base for survival for all others. Here are some of the ways to boost your digestive system –Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Excellent Digestion

The second factor is the seasonal detox. In every season, one or the other dosha gets imbalanced. It is a natural cycle. Brief Ritucharya for 6 seasons

Fasting Detox

Dry fasting is the easiest, cheapest and very effective detox in case of excess Kapha in the system. Intermittent dry fasting creates an immediate Kapha balance. However, you should not be extremely weak, skinny or facing any physical trauma while dry fasting.

In Hindu tradition, there are provisions of dry fasting at least 10 days every month – Chaturthi (4th day after full/new moon), Ashtami (8th day after same), Ekadashi (11th day after same, sometimes extends for 48 hours), Chaturdashi (14th day of the waning moon), Amavasya (no moon), Poornima( full moon). There can be many more occasions of fruit/milk/no grain fasting like Shasti(6th day), Pradosh vrat(13th day), etc. Lots of other details can be added here. but this is enough to get started with.

My granny was fasting almost 15 days in a month for almost 70 years. And she doesn’t fast all that much now, but she is all upbeat when her children have developed hypertension, hyperthyroidism, IBS, migraine and a hoard of other lifestyle problems.

Bottom line is that fasting can be a good way to combat coronavirus. It is not scientifically proven in the case of coronavirus, however, fasting can reverse a lot of disorders, even cancer and is a healthy and uncomplicated way to detox.


Ayurveda prescribes therapeutic vomiting for vasant detox. Vaman or therapeutic vomiting is the best treatment for excess kapha. Kanika Verma’s answer to Is panchkarma really effective?

You can try a simple vomiting procedure by drinking a lot of warm water (with a pinch of salt) and putting a finger on the back of your tongue to induce vomiting. However, you must not try it more than 2 times. Frequent touch of the finger on the inner tongue can deposit germs and irritate the outer lining. It might also induce cold and cough.

Morning is the best time to try this procedure.

Besides, it is good to go to a panchkarma center with a DEMONSTRATED history of panchkarma treatment.

Herbal Detox

Traditional food meant for preparing the body for seasonal transition is the best detox. And awla is the star ingredient you must have with every meal. In fact, you can do an awla detox in this season by having awla based recipes. Try following recipes –

  • Awla kadi (kadi prepared with boiled awla or Indian gooseberries)
  • Awla candy, Awla halwa, Awla murabba, etc. (good for kids)
  • Awla chutney varieties
  • Awla sabji
  • Awla tomato carrot soup

Note – normal temperature awla juice is cooling in nature and therefore use it very carefully if you are prone to cold and cough.

Interestingly, the traditional Indian festivals are centered around the main health supplement for the season, for example – awla Ekadashi for this month, Shat-tila (the six types of sesame preparations) for the end of winter! all these are a part of a very comprehensive Ayurvedic detox process!!!

Will keep updating this answer, thanks for reading

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The Ayurveda Channel

Inner Terrain vs. Outer Terrain: Which Do You Emphasize for Good Health?

Hi, this is amazing!!!! this is what Ayurveda, the ancient Indian medicine talks about. Thank you so much for putting it down so elaborately. Thanks a ton!!!

The Ayurveda Channel


Your Inner Terrain

defines you and your state of health. Your microbiome, which consists of bacterial cells that outnumber your human cells 10:1, is the key to your health. This is why natural health and medical experts have declared that your gut is like your second brain. However, the last thing that Big Gov and Big Pharma want you to understand is how powerful you are. Stories of a bad bacterium or virulent virus are far more sensational, sexy and scary – far more of an easy sell – than the plain old truth that you have to work to consciously foster and create a healthy inner terrain to ward off disease. What money can Big Pharma make by telling you to carefully take more micronutrients (e.g. minerals, vitamins, enzymes, cofactors, etc.) to build strength? It’s far better for them if you believe the world is full of scary…

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