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Hope you gain some useful information from this blog.

According to the ethics of Ayurveda, it is unethical to charge anyone for treatment advice. A vaidya or Ayurvedic physician should charge only for medical preparations. Therefore, I don’t have any consultation charges. However, voluntary donations are welcome.

Since I get a lot of queries, it is not possible to respond to all of them. Therefore, please refer to Cure Yourself for the basic health guidelines.

For a personalized consultation, please wait for 4-5 days for a reply. Also, maximum of 3 emails are entertained for a free consultation.

I pray that your treatment is blessed with a cure!

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  1. Having chronic constipation problems, got blockages several time, have done all medical test but Doctor’s could find any problem with intestines tracts. Frustrated. Age 67. Doing heavy walking, and drinking lot of water. Doctor’s advised to stop insoluble fibre diet, as they try to accumulate, and creat frequent blockages

  2. Hello Dr Kanika,
    I would like to have an appointment with you. Looking forward to your email and availability.
    Thank you

  3. It’s a wonderful job that you are doing there.Would be really obliged if you could consider me for an appointment.

  4. Hi

    I am looking for weight loss program and detoxification for my 20 year old daughter
    In 2014 she survived from overian cancer, but as side effects of chemo, she suffered from peripheral neuropathy disorder for next two years and last two years with anxiety, depression.
    In these duration, she gained weight heavily, now 85kgs reached.

    So if possible, please suggest me your expert recommendation on what best medication and best panchakarma or any other treatment for her, to come out of emotional imbalance and weight problem.

    I am willing to pay for your recommendation and guidance.


  5. Good Morning

    I would like to contact you with a possibility to seek solution for my problem .

    I am 48 years old Indian male based in Canada and have excessive lipomas on both my arms ( probably 50-80 ) and some on my thighs / hips ( 8-10 ).
    I do not drink much alcohol however my father had these ( not as many as these though ) and his have gone down in size and number now that he is in his 60s .

    I have got 7-8 of these surgically removed and have given up hope after that however looking at one of your responses at quora ( https://www.quora.com/Is-there-any-Ayurvedic-treatment-for-multiple-lipomas) made me reach out to you.

    I would love to give you more details or talk to you in the detail in case you’d be able to help
    me with these .

    Please let me know .


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