Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited is an excellent and exhaustive resource for avid readers. It has a great collection of interesting picture ebooks that can keep your children creatively engaged for hours. But it is important to get only the interesting ones, otherwise it takes very little time for the kids to get bored and switch to unhealthy TV watching. I have seen my daughter getting bored and refusing to read books many times. Therefore, if possible I read the book in advance to ensure that it is a good read for my daughter.

Here is a list of books, classified according to age and quality, that will help you choose the best, without any preparation. Happy reading!

Best Reads for 3 – 5 years old

This the list of the books that have the best of almost everything – beautiful pictures, engaging storyline and great message. These books can be and should be read multiple times to the kids. These books do not contain any violence, harsh language or convey an undesirable message to the little impressionable minds.

Good Reads for 3-5 years old

This list contains books that are good to read. They have good images and story. They can be fun to read and do not make any negative impact on young minds.

Time pass for 3-5 years old

When you are completely out of options and need something to hang on to, this list can help you save your time. These books hardly have any story, but they offer graphics that can be interesting to the small kids.

Books to Avoid for 3-5 years old


Sammy the Bird Series