Hope you gain some useful information from this blog, for consultation, suggestions and queries, please contact on :  

I offer free consultation to –

  • Senior citizens below poverty-line(60 yrs and above)
  • Pregnant Ladies
  • Orphans

Please send a request for free consultation on the given email address. NGOs are invited to send application with relevant details and expected number of patients.

Please book online Ayurvedic consultation here

All Ayurvedic consultation package includes

  • 45-60 min online consultation
  • Personalized Ayurvedic Diet Plan
  • Personalized Lifestyle plan
  • Yoga, exercise and meditation recommendations
  • Ayurvedic medicines(prescription)
  • Stress Counseling

General Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurveda Consultation for minor disorders – digestive, respiratory and reproductive system disorders etc. Includes diet and lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic medicines(prescription), counseling

500 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Eating Disorders in Children

Ayurveda Consultation for Fussy Eaters: includes parent counseling, diet plan, lifestyle plan, medicines(prescription)

1000 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Hypertension

Ayurveda Consultation for Hypertension Management includes - Diet Plan, Exercise(Yoga) Plan, Seasonal Management(Ritucharya for hypertensive people), Ayurvedic medicines(prescription)

1000 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Cancer Management

Ayurveda Consultation for Cancer Management includes - diet and lifestyle modifications, Ayurvedic medicines(prescription), mindfulness counseling

1000 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Skin Disorders

This Ayurveda consultation can be availed for – Ayurvedic skin beauty care, Acne treatment, Management of general autoimmune skin disorders : Vitiligo, psoriasis

1000 INR

Ayurvedic Consultation for Chronic Pain

Ayurvedic Consultation for Chronic Pain Management in cases of arthritis, severe trauma, migraine, back-ache, joint pain, sprain, muscle injury etc.

1000 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Diabetes

Ayurveda Consultation for Diabetes includes personalized diet plan, cooking guidance, yoga plan, complication management(Diabetic foot, neuropathy, retinopathy) and seasonal preventive measures(Ritucharya for Diabetes)

1000 INR

Ayurveda Consultation for Autism

Ayurveda Consultation for autistic children: includes Ayurvedic medicines(prescription), diet plan, exercise plan, creative art therapy, mindfulness therapy, parent counseling

1000 INR


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