Cure Yourself!

Ayurvedic Self Curing Regimen

The First Step to a healthy life is Healthy Diet and Lifestyle

I am here to help you, but the happy fact is that you can help yourself and take complete charge of your health. With basic Ayurvedic corrections in diet, lifestyle and mental state, you can heal yourself, practically from any disease.

Following are some of the indispensable steps towards Ayurvedic treatment. And if you are able to implement these minor changes in your life, you might not even need medicines!

Correct the Cause

The first step of free consultation is to correct the causal factor like wrong diet, lifestyle and mental state. Before correcting these factors, you can never get any permanent relief from Ayurvedic medicines.

Correct the Food

You are what you eat. Before you apply for free consultations, I suggest that you start following the general Ayurvedic Diet Plan. This plan is very comprehensive and covers almost all aspects of a healthy digestion.

General Ayurveda Diet Plan

Correct the Lifestyle

General Ayurveda Lifestyle Plan

Correct the Mind

Stress is at the core of all major problems. It can aggravate all the diseases. Sometimes, even medicines don’t exhibit any effect due to stress. How stress kills your body

Therefore, Ayurveda recommends to maintain a state of mindfulness. If you can do that, the body will start to heal itself. Satvavjay is ancient Ayurvedic technique to control the mind. Here are some free resources that might help you.


Free guided meditation –

Ayurvedic Self Curing Protocols

These guidelines are helpful in regaining metabolic balance to a large extent. By simply following these guidelines, you might be able to achieve 50-60 % relief in all disorders.

Apart from these general guidelines, I am working to develop special Self-Curing Protocols for many chronic disorders. Right now, I have a complete Self Curing Protocol for Migraine based on ancient Ayurvedic texts.

Coming up

Ayurvedic Self Curing Protocol for

  • Sinusitis
  • Rhinitis
  • Chronic Constipation
  • IBS

More about these protocols

  • These protocols are designed to enable people to cure themselves without expensive Ayurvedic medicines, herbs, or therapies.
  • They are general and contain remedies that will suit people of all prakrati or body types.
  • Most of the remedies suggested in these protocols are based on easily found ingredients.
  • Classical Ayurvedic medicines suggested in these protocols are herb-based and free from heavy metals.
  • Besides, these protocols contain dietary and lifestyle recommendations that form the basis of any effective Ayurvedic treatment.

I hope that these protocols help more people than I can treat.

If you face any problem while following these guidelines, feel free to contact me.

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