Health Basics of Ayurveda

What are the pillars of Ayurvedic healthcare? Ayurveda prescribes elaborately on a healthy daily routine, seasonal routine, and mental health practices, ensuring unhindered metabolism and a perfect state of health. This article briefly reflects on these basics and their importance.

Varsha Ritucharya

Varsha or rainy season is the time when the digestive fire needs extra protection. Here is what Ayurveda recommends for the rainy season.

Toxic Food According to Ayurveda

Let’s differentiate between the food and the “Food like substances”!

Good Food and Bad Food According to Ayurveda – Food that should be consumed rarely I

Bad food choices makes a person prone to diseases and faster aging. Therefore, it is crucial to see that the right food in the right amount goes inside your body and to avoid anything that is not compatible with normal human digestion. 

Good Food and Bad Food According to Ayurveda – I : Food that should not be consumed

Keeping in mind that food cannot be cooked separately for all persons in a house, Acharya Charak describes the food quality that should be taken regularly for all seasons and all prakrati, along with food that should be used very rarely by all prakrati individuals. However, it is particularly important to refrain from the badContinue reading “Good Food and Bad Food According to Ayurveda – I : Food that should not be consumed”

Know thy food – Basic Ayurvedic Classification of Food

According to Ayurveda, the one who eats healthy food will never need any medicine; and the one who eats unhealthy food will never benefit from any medicine. Therefore it is important to know thy food!

How to use Ayurvedic Health Supplements!

Why is my Ayurvedic health supplement not showing any result? probably because you are using it the right way. Here is how to gain maximum benefits from Ayurvedic Health Supplements.

5 Essential Yoga Poses for Rainy Season

Yoga poses which help in pacifying the Vata Dosha which is supposed to be vitiated during the rainy season.


Dosha is something which has tendency to malaise or spoil. It can be understood as a factor of catabolism (breaking down process in the body) Also Dosha is a concept in itself. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 kinds of Dosha or body temperaments – Vata, Pitta and Khapha. It is said that as lifeContinue reading “Dosha”

Ayurvedic Definition of Health

Sam-Doshaha Sam Agni Shcha Sam Dhatu Malakriyah! Prasann Atma Indriya Manah Swasthya Ityabhidhiyate!! Balanced state of Dosha, Agni (digestive fires), Dhatu (Metabolic essence) and Mal (Metabolic waste) Happy soul, senses and mind constitute the (complete) health Kshetra of Ayurveda and Importance of mind Kshetra means field of Ayurveda, on which it acts. There are 2Continue reading “Ayurvedic Definition of Health”