Mal : Body Waste

Mal is the waste, a by-product of metabolism.

Purish – Solid Excreta

Mutra – Urine

Sweda – Sweat

The texts say that these mal gratify the body by leaving appropriately, very true! Ask the people having constipation or loose motion.

Also each Dhatu, while getting converted, leaves a mal respectively except Shukra, which is considered to be purest form of Dhatu.

Following Mala gets formed during the Dhatu conversion –

Rasa – Kapha (phlegm, saliva), abnormality causes colds

Rakta – Pitta(bile juice), abnormality causes acidity

Mans – Excretions of eyes, mouth, ear wax etc..

Meda – Sweat, abnormality causes bad smell

Asthi – Hair and nails , abnormality causes weak and brittle hair and nails

Majja- Eye secretions

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