Sun – Day and Seasons

It is said that time is a factor created by sun god. Sun divides the rotation and revolution of the earth in day, night and seasons and thus creates the factor of time, thereby also creating the factor of aging.

This is our home Earth. Imagine our home rotating as well as revolving around Sun.

When the earth is furthest from the sun then it is winter for us, and gradually as it moves towards the sun, the seasons change; spring and summer come respectively, as Earth moves closer to the sun.

When it is summer, the heat causes Earth’s water to form vapour and so the clouds. As Earth starts to move further away from Sun again, rains come as the heat to maintain the huge vapour mass (clouds) reduces.

Change of seasons is actually as simple as heating of a kettle with water. Heat (summer) produces steam, which when condensed, produces water droplets (rains) and finally the kettles cools down (winter).


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