Asana According to Seasonal Ritucharya

Exercise routine or Asanas form an important part of healthy routine. But the relative strength and requirements of the body changes through the seasons.

Effect of Ritu (seasons) on Dosha

Dosha and Body State in Different Seasons

Please find the Indicative list of Exercise Routine according to the seasonal changes.

Exercise Routine According to Seasonal Ritucharya

This list indicates the best and must include asana for the respective season and Prakruti. It does not mean that you should not do other asana.

Important recommendations on exercise routine are:

  • Keep shorter period of exercise with less exerting exercises during summer and rains, longer during autumn, winter and fall.
  • Focus more on yoga and breathing exercises during the summer and rains, as they are easy to do and do not put extra load on temperature maintenance system of the body.
  • For mental health, meditation should be essential part of daily routine.
  • Try to have food sitting on the ground, in sukhasana or vajrasana.
  • After eating food, sit for some time (5-10 min) in Vajrasana.
  • Sharad is the ideal time to start body building, which can be continued throughout the year in a regulated way.
  • Shavasana should be done at the end of any exercise, to bring back body to the normal metabolism rate.
  • Yoga Nindra is very effective for all Dosha and should be practiced daily, before sleep preferably.

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