Sexual Orientation During The Seasons

Sex is a factor of Vata. It increases mainly Vata in the body, increases Pitta to a small extent and reduces the effect of Kapha. Therefore sexual intercourse is highly recommended in cooler seasons in Visargkal, whereas it is not recommended in the hotter part of the year. Medium involvement in Shishir (late winter) and Vasant (spring), Varsha(rains) and very little or no sex is recommended in summers.

Same goes for physical exercise and lot of brainy work.  This is true for all 3 Prakruti prominence types.

Introduction to Ritucharya

Effect of Ritu (seasons) on Dosha

The comments according to Prakruti indicate the Ideal frequency of sexual intercourse during the respective seasons. However one should decide the frequency based on his body strength, presence of diseases and mental satisfaction. Overall essence of this practice is to protect and increase the momentum of body metabolism. Personal happiness, as stated earlier, is of paramount importance in order to ensure the physical health. Therefore nothing should be practiced forcefully.

The following table shows a healthy approach for sexual intercourse during the seasons.

Sex Orientation According To Ritucharya 

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