Go Dinnerless !

Eating late at night is so common now-a-days that almost 90% of families must be eating around 9.00 pm, mostly without much hunger. Late dinner at night causes majority of lifestyle problems including indigestion which is the root cause of all other diseases.

You are the king of your body. Suppose you are the king of a country and you order the royal cook at midnight, to cook a seven course meal. The royal cook will dare not disobey you, but will he be able to work with the his best efficiency the next morning? no ! He will be too tired. This happens when you eat heavy food late night.

After the sun sets, the night hormone sets to work, gradually slowing the metabolism in preparation of sleep. When we eat food late in the night, the resulting surge in the sugar level, reverses the effects of the sleep hormone and reactivates the slowed metabolism. Also it taxes the sleepy digestive system for overtime work of dinner digestion.

How do you feel when you are about to leave the office in evening and you are given another bunch of files to finish before you leave? This is what happens to stomach when you eat food after sunset.

Esp. people with insomnia should avoid late night dinners.

If , being the king, you ask the royal cook for a 7 course meal in the middle of preparation for the next course(ongoing digestion), the next course will show the lack of attention. This happens when you eat while the digestion of earlier meal is not complete. It hinders the digestion of earlier meal and under digested food produces toxins.

Some people eat just for the sake of taste or satisfaction. It taxes your digestive system and creates mayhem in the process of digestion. A lot of undigested food keeps getting mixed with the food already under digestion. It is like a guest in a restaurant, ordering a new dish every 5 minutes to the same chef, before the earlier order is prepared.

After completion of digestion and before next attack of hunger, there is a certain time for cleaning and repair. If you order the royal cook to make a elaborate dish, when he in the middle of maintenance and repair. He will cook the dish, but the maintenance work will suffer. Such piled up maintenance work eventually accelerates the process of aging.

Let’s get back to the office example. Once you are used to getting extra work before leaving the office in the evening, you would try to steal some free time in the morning working hours, because anyways even if you work in the morning, the work will not finish by the evening, so when will you find time to cater to your other responsibilities? Your will be working with divided attention. This is what happens to people who always eat late night. They will face lack of hunger, indigestion because energy of stomach is diverted in urgent maintenance and repair as well at the time of digestion, because it is not allowed a separate free time for it. Such people feel lethargic and lack vitality throughout the day. They tend to get tired very soon.

Most importantly, one should not eat without hunger. When you’re earning as much is required, the expenses are almost equal to earnings. But when you start earning more than required, your bank balance will swell. Unfortunately, same thing happens with the extra calories you earn when you eat food without hunger or in excess to hunger. Your tummy swells with the extra fat you earn. At night, because of slow metabolism, the fat or sugar released by digestion is not utilized properly and therefore is converted to fatty tissue and stored in the waist, hips or thighs primarily, resulting in weight gain.

On the other hand, if you go dinnerless you are offering a holiday to your digestive system, to relax, detoxify, repair and get revitalized. Everyone works more efficiently with more holidays. The process of digestion will improve; it will be faster and produce lesser or no toxins. Same rule applies for eating without hunger.

First few weeks, it might feel uncomfortable and you might wake up hungry in the middle of night. But the body will adjust soon to the new healthier routine. Replace the late night dinner with a glass of milk with health supplements, to ensure proper nutrition as well.

Fasting on light food like fruits and milk for a day is like a long weekend for digestive system and it works wonders for the overall health. Liver is allowed time to detoxify blood from toxins other than the ones continuously produced during digestion. This should be observed ones a week for best results.

So be a generous king, treat your body gently and with respect. Otherwise you are bound to face the rebellion of diseases !



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