8 Tips to ease joint pain this rainy season!

Any kind of chronic pain, esp joint pain, increases in degree and frequency during the rainy season as it is the time of vata prakop or vitiation. (Effect of Ritu (seasons) on Dosha)

Please find 8 everyday tips to prevent or alleviate joint pain during this rainy season. These practices should be started in the first week of the rainy season for best results. Sandhikal 

  • Peel a small garlic and swallow it whole with water at night before bed. If the pain does not stop , use 3 times in the day. Start the procedure One week before the start of rains for best results.

Ideal for vata and Kapha Prakrati people. Pitta Prakrati people should use it with caution, otherwise it might cause acidity.

  • Dip your knees in hot water for 10 mins. Later massage them with Maha Narayan oil ( classical Ayurvedic medicine). Tie a cloth on the knee for sometime to ensure that oil is not wiped away immediately. Best time for massage is before bed.
  • Avoid use of cabbage, cauliflower, Brinjal, acidic items like vinegar, pickles, tamarind, dishes like dahi bada etc if you have severe joint pain.
  • Maximize use of moong dal as compared to any other dal.
  • Maximize use of asafoetida, ginger, garlic, methi, sauth( dried ginger powder) in food preparations.
  • Drink warm water. Avoid drinking water immediately after meals.
  • Use combination of Harad powder (Terminelia chebula) and saidha namak (unrefined sail/ normal salt) ( 1 tsp harad powder+ a pinch of salt) early morning with water.

Ritu Haritaki

  • Fast once a week to give time to your digestive system for cleaning and resting. Please ensure only light, non oily food, preferably boiled food like sweet potato etc or raw fruits during the fast.

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