Curability of Vitiligo According to Ayurveda


According to Ayurveda, following symptoms in vitiligo make it easy to cure –
  1. The color of the hair in the affected skin has not turned reddish. It is important to note that the vitiligo with reddish skin can be cured but not the one with the reddish hair.
  2. The skin affected by vitiligo is thin (has not thickened because of the disease).
  3. The skin affected by vitiligo is has a yellowish tinge.  
  4. Vitiligo patches are new and the disease has recently started.
  5. Vitiligo has slight swelling in some parts.


According to Ayurveda, following vitiligo is incurable in nature
  1. Vitiligo patches have fused all over the body
  2. Vitiligo has completely covered the body (including parts like the palm of the hand, lips, sex organs etc.)
  3. The hair in the vitiligo affected skin has turned reddish.
  4. Very old history of Vitiligo (approx. > than 10 years)
  5. Now the important factor is that all incurables diseases are not completely hopeless.

Ayurveda classifies incurable into two major divisions –

Yapya (manageable) 

This condition is like diabetes. Till the time you keep the necessary precautions and have a healthy preventive dietary habit and lifestyle, you will keep the disease at bay. But the moment you indulge in wrong habits, the disease will be aggravated. Most of the vitiligo disorders fall under this category. 

Apratyakyaya(completely out of hand)

This is the condition when the physician asks the patient to pray and wait for the miracle!  Since vitiligo is not a fatal condition, this is mostly not applicable to it. 

Food to avoid in Vitiligo

Agni or digestion is the central point of body immunity and therefore it is very important in vitiligo to maintain a good digestion. 

Ayurvedic Lifestyle for Excellent Digestion

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