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The aim of this blog and my YouTube channel is that the sick should not be made to pay any consultation fee. Besides consultation fee is against the ethics of Ayurveda. Ideally, a vaidya (Ayurveda physician) should charge only for the medicines or some services (like panchkarma). Medical advice should be freely available.

Even medicines were made free for the poor. According the classical Ayurvedic text, vaidya (Ayurveda physician) has a right to keep 1/11 part of the medicine prepared for the rich patient for the poor patient. This is such a beautiful practice to preserve the dignity of the sick and the poor!

But today consultation and diagnosis are some of the biggest revenue generators for physician. Once you visit a physician, you will see your money evaporate like vapor. Pharmaceutical business has reached completely another level!!!

Most of us don’t know that Ayurvedic mediicnes are as good as sugar pills, if the fundamental step of nidan parivarjanam (removal of the causal factors) is not applied. Unfortunately, most of the Ayurveda physicians also practice Ayurveda in allopathic manner. Instead of focusing on the accurate diagnosis of the causal factors, they write some medicines on a piece of paper in 5 min and are done.

However, the real role of the vaidya is like a detective. A detective does not fight to change anything, she uncovers the truth, the problem – and the problem is a mirror image of the solution.

In an exam, you cannot answer the question without reading the question properly. In the similar manner, you cannot pop any pill in your mouth and expect a cure. Applicability is the key here!

And once you know the reason and remove it, the disease will be completely gone. Your body will cure, repair and rejuvenate itself. I sincerely believe that Ayurveda is priceless! and with basic Ayurvedic knowledge, we all can prevent and cure all our diseases.

As for medicines, whatever you have in your kitchen is quite enough to cure 99% of your problems! I would say that both diseases and their cures are hidden in the kitchen itself!

Therefore, through this blog and the Ayurveda channel is an attempt to empower everyone to take charge of her/his health. I hope that this content enables people to effectively prevent and cure their diseases by themselves.


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