What is the best Ayurveda treatment for weight loss or maintenance?

You might not believe it but it is true. Over the past few years, I have tried some hundreds of herbs and therapies trying to reduce weight for people as well as for me, but nothing works like “nirjala” or dry fasting (without water). And I am saying this on medical grounds and personal experience.

Today, it is very hard for all of us to believe that we can get something without paying a lot of money or doing some pain-staking exercise. But doing nothing can actually get you better results.

The most important factor is control stress, because stress eating is one of the biggest cause behind any kind of weight gain. We try to find stress relief through false gratification derived through the sense of taste!

I personally started “nirjala” fasting last year and now I practiced it every month. And nothing goes wrong with a normal day, without much physical over-exertion or exposure to harsh sunlight. Nirjala fasting is an ideal method to reduce weight if you are in a sitting job. And trust me, once you get used to it, you will never feel dizzy, weak, or fainting!!!

I started with once a day meal fast, next I tried fasting only on fruits. Then I tried full day zero food fast with warm water. After that, I tried 1/2 day nirjala, as the concept of nirjala fasting made me very nervous. I was scared that I might faint or get excessive dehydration.

Here are a few benefits I found with nirjala (dry) fasting –

  • 10 kg weight loss in 2 months’ time without regaining the weight.
  • Reduced anger and frustration
  • Peaceful mind and clarity of thought
  • Effective Stress control
  • Better digestive and absorption capacity
  • Almost nil rate of diseases (seasonal cough, cold, indigestion, etc. ), better immunity
  • My chronic cold, stuffy nose and other congestive symptoms vanished. In fact, I don’t remember getting cold in the past 12 months. Earlier, I would start sneezing the moment I get up from the bed in the morning. Complete Relief from Mucus Accumulation in Sinuses through Dry Fasting – 48 Hours Ekadashi Observations
  • My skin disorder, itching, and inflammation started getting better on its own.
  • All my parameters are absolutely normal – BP, sugar, Hb, etc. (in fact, I was detected to be pro-diabetic 2 years back, now it is completely normal!)

The only condition is that you should eat properly when you are eating. So actually I do dry fasting for many days in a month. But I also eat very nutritious food for the rest of the month, so everything is balanced.

Nirajala fasting actually makes our bodies better as nutrition is more about your capacity to absorb food and not about eating more!

And with effective stress relief and regular dry fasting, it is IMPOSSIBLE to regain any weight! Trust me, I have a personal experience with this. Also let me know your experiences with dry fasting.

Thanks for reading!

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