Ayurvedic Description of Human Being

According to Ayurveda, mind creates and maintains the body; vice versa a healthy mind resides in a healthy body.

Life has 3 levels, soul or life force, mind or intellect and the body. It is said that soul lit up the mind and mind extends itself as the body. So, everything in the mind reflects in the body, whether it is health or disease.

In the body, the important elements are Ooja, 3 Dosha, 7 Dhatu and 3 Mala. These are the most basic ones.

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Mal : Body Waste

Mal is the waste, a by-product of metabolism.

Purish – Solid Excreta

Mutra – Urine

Sweda – Sweat

The texts say that these mal gratify the body by leaving appropriately, very true! Ask the people having constipation or loose motion.

Also each Dhatu, while getting converted, leaves a mal respectively except Shukra, which is considered to be purest form of Dhatu.

Following Mala gets formed during the Dhatu conversion –

Rasa – Kapha (phlegm, saliva), abnormality causes colds

Rakta – Pitta(bile juice), abnormality causes acidity

Mans – Excretions of eyes, mouth, ear wax etc..

Meda – Sweat, abnormality causes bad smell

Asthi – Hair and nails , abnormality causes weak and brittle hair and nails

Majja- Eye secretions