Ritucharya Basics

Ayurveda has a concept of Swasthvritta “ Sphere of Health “

Let us imagine a sphere of light or aura around us and outside it is all darkness of diseases and death. This sphere constitutes all our healthy habits and strength of ours and as this sphere diminishes, we become more and more vulnerable to diseases and death.

So for a healthy life, one should grow and maintain this sphere of health. The better and more compatible health practices we have, the this sphere will be bigger and brighter, which reflects our ability to foresee more, do more, and accomplish more. It reflects the immunity and stamina that your body has against diseases.

There are so many disease-causing factors among all of us but some succumb and fall sick, some recover and some do not. There are many people who will not fall sick at all in similar circumstances.

Diseases occur when there is a suitable environment for them to occur, the same is with various microorganisms. They can break the defense barrier of the body only if the body is too weak to prevent the attack or retaliate swiftly.

In order to understand the approach of Ayurveda towards health and disease prevention-

Let us imagine leaves falling from a weed and our task is to keep the place clean.

There are 3 ways to do it. Either we can keep collecting the leaves or we can cut the weed down or we can make the soil(environment) unsuitable for its growth. In this illustration collecting the leaves is the maintenance of the disease, cutting the weed is killing the microbes or cancer cells, etc, making soil infertile is turning the body environment hostile for the incubation of disease-causing factors.

So Ayurveda works on mind and body, instead of killing external disease-causing factors.

The body is dependent on the inputs from the outside environment for its survival. Soul, Mind, and body derive their nutriment as well as aliment from outside.

The human body, as well as the mind, has a biological rhythm that is actively synchronized with the outside environment. The effort of the body is to maintain homeostasis (the State of the same conditions inside the body irrespective of the outside environment).

The most important external factor for aging identified in Ayurveda is seasonal change. The seasons tend to disturb homeostasis (the constant state of the body). That is why we have seasonal coughs and colds. Although these small disorders help the body to overcome and adjust to seasonal changes, they come at a cost.

Exposure to seasons guides the physiology of the body. Seasonal changes result in physiological jolts in the process of maintaining homeostasis in the body. These jolts cause minor diseases which are overcome rapidly by the body, but in the due course of time, these constant changes accelerate the aging process.

It is like getting your vehicle damaged at every sharp turn to avoid the fall and keep repairing it. There can be better ways than that. Foresight and preparations help in this. The concept of preventive healthcare is just like having the mirrors in the right place and applying brakes at the right time, gradually, to minimize wear and tear.

If we prepare the body for the changes that are going to come, then there is no sudden collision with seasonal changes.

The human body is a very complicated machine that requires regular servicing. Only vitamin pills, exercise, and annual health tests are not enough. It faces seasonal changes, stress, lifestyle changes, and a lot more; it fights against numerous infections, trying to keep us alive.

Swasthavritta(Sphere of health) series celebrates the boon of a healthy body mind and body. In series, you will learn how to strengthen the fortress of your body and mind, and prevent disease in its very onset, instead of falling sick and then getting cured.

Because life is too beautiful and time is too precious to waste on getting sick!

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