Mindful Cleaning for Mom and Child

New Mom, esp. stay at home mom’s can become victims of Post-Partum Depression. Mindful cleaning can help them manage the home, the baby and themselves! If you are a new mom feeling starved for help, let me share my experience of mindfulness! … More Mindful Cleaning for Mom and Child

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Mindful Eating 

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay I remember my grandfather peacefully sitting on the ground, sprinkling a few drops of water around his plate and reciting a Sanskrit prayer every time before he started eating. It is now a prevalent culture to have an orientation session before any kind of educational course. Orientation can induce a … More Mindful Eating 

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Mindfulness: Be here!

Our lives are normally compartmentalized into separate slots for doing different things. For example, there are slots for work, entertainment, daily chores etc. and therefore most of the spiritually inclined people or the ones looking for peace in life have another slot – a slot for meditation. This book is meant for everyone, but people … More Mindfulness: Be here!

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