Health Basics of Ayurveda

What are the pillars of Ayurvedic healthcare? Ayurveda prescribes elaborately on a healthy daily routine, seasonal routine, and mental health practices, ensuring unhindered metabolism and a perfect state of health. This article briefly reflects on these basics and their importance.

Mindful Fear

Can fear help sometimes? Big fears can help you achieve the incredible! Entertain the fear with a mindful acceptance and see how your fear leads you to ultimate success!

On Road Mindfulness

Constant Mindfulness can open our eyes to the magical world around us and turn everyday boring travel to a magical fun-ride!

Mindful Cleaning for Mom and Child

New Mom, esp. stay at home mom’s can become victims of Post-Partum Depression. Mindful cleaning can help them manage the home, the baby and themselves! If you are a new mom feeling starved for help, let me share my experience of mindfulness!

Mindful Cleaning

Cleaning can be a mindless job for most of us, but not for the cleaning monks! Practice cleaning mindfulness, organize your home, your mind and your life!

Mindful Walking

Let’s walk everyday towards mindful consciousness, peace and joy! Simple and practical exercise for mindful walking.

Mindful Sleep

A mindful sleep is the seed of a mindful morning!

Mindful Cooking

Mindful cooking is the way to mindful eating. Mindful eating is the way to mindful living!

Zero Time Meditation

No time for meditation? Perfect! Now you can practice mindfulness with some zero time exercises!

Good Food and Bad Food According to Ayurveda – Food that should be consumed rarely I

Bad food choices makes a person prone to diseases and faster aging. Therefore, it is crucial to see that the right food in the right amount goes inside your body and to avoid anything that is not compatible with normal human digestion.