Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-II

Law of Attraction in Ayurvedic Treatment Approach

People who have watched “Dragon Ball Z”, a Japanese cartoon series, might recall the character “Vegeta”. Vegeta is a fighter who is able to grow his fighting skills with each fight he loses. Every time he is defeated, he absorbs the fighting experience to become as powerful as his stronger opponent, provided that he survives the fight. So, a person, who could have defeated him earlier, won’t stand a chance in the next fight with him. We are fighting a similar battle with micro-organisms, where the pathogens are in the role of Vegeta!

pexels-photo-860378.jpegFor us, most of the diseases mean pathogens. We try to kill them, but forget what is happening to the body at the same time. The body cells are weakened or destroyed along with the pathogens. It is like a medicinal carpet bombing where the civilians are killed along with the terrorist, leaving the country weaker and more defenseless. Gradually, with rampant use of antibiotics, the pathogens are learning to fight back, they are becoming more immune to the medicines. People are becoming more drug-resistant, more untreatable and thus more vulnerable to diseases.

It is very relevant what the father of “Germ Theory of disease” Louise Pasteur said in his last days “Forget the microbes, focus on the field”! The field is the body, which eliminates the germs when healthy and harbors them when sick.

During the treatment process, when we try to alter the functions of the body by external means like by introducing artificial hormones or by cutting out an organ, we are trying to tell the body “you are not good enough; you cannot work without external physiological crutches”. And eventually, the body accepts and succumbs. It stops trying to overcome the disease and adjust itself according to the external medication. Gradually, it becomes more and more dependent on the medicine, just like a drug-addict becomes increasingly dependent on the drugs. Be it the dosage of anti-hypertensive medicines, artificial thyroxine or insulin, normally it just goes on increasing with the time. Basically, we kill the natural self-preservation system of the body and make it addicted to external support.

The disease is the darkness.

Every time we kill the pathogens with antibiotics, introduce artificial hormones, painkiller or surgically remove an organ; we jeopardize the natural mechanism of the body. It is like fighting the darkness with a sword, a fight that never ends until YOU lose.The problem with the focus on disease is that we fight and fight and yet the darkness remains; only we get tired, give up and finally become a part of darkness itself. This is the way to death, not life.

Even Ayurveda recommends surgeries but that is the last resort. Surgery was considered the inferior quality of treatment as it suggests that the proper preventive and curative measures were not applied to the patient. Surgery was supposed to be normally used in battle-zones and accidents.


Discover the Healing Radiance Inside

According to the law of Attraction, we get what we focus on! So, the way out of darkness is light and only light. Why not change the focus – light the lamp. But, in order to do that we need to give up fighting, give up the intense fear that appears to protect… relax and review.

Now, where is the lamp? We might not discover a physical lamp off course! Well, the concept of the lamp is an invested concept of sight, of vision…..to be able to see.

It reminds me of an intriguing idea of the inverted tree of life! Probably we do not have to find the lamp. Probably, we just have to find our eyes and open them to find the lamp that’s been burning all along, spreading light all the time. We will see the light once we know that there is something called eyes, which can be opened, that things can be seen, that there is something like a lamp – an abundance of light.

The concept of light can be absorbed only when we feel that it can exist. We can attract perfect health only when we believe that it can be real!

The Ayurvedic cure is focused on the light – the potential of the body to heal itself. Ayurveda respects the body as a living autonomous system; a sovereign and not a machine. So, Ayurveda works with the body and not on it. Ayurveda aims to strengthen the immunity and thus eliminate the optimal growth environment for the microbes to flourish. Isn’t it easier and cleaner to kill a person by stopping his oxygen supply than to put up a fight with him in person? Once we correct the ailing physiological factor or process that is responsible for harboring and incubating the microbes, there will be no need to kill the microbes. They will be swept clean by the routine metabolism, just as the flooding water sweeps away dry leaves with it.

Ayurveda is a tool to assist the discovery of the light of eternal health, the cure beyond all cures, the ultimate positivity of perfect existence!

pexels-photo-238472.jpegNip in the Bud

Swasthyas swasthya rakshanam |

Aturasya vikar prashamanamcha ||

Protect the health of the healthy

And heal the disorders of the ailing

We have discussed the first aim of Ayurveda – Protection of Health of the healthy in Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-1

The secondary aim of Ayurveda is to cure the disease of the “Atur”. Now it is important to note that the word “Atur” means distressed or in the state of malice. The word “Rogi” or patient is not mentioned. A person can be distressed with a small headache; it need not necessarily be a migraine. But even a small headache, a little heaviness in the stomach or a little itching on the skin is also significant. It is an indication of the presence of a seed which might germinate into a proper disease in future. An ideal Ayurvedic treatment starts not when the disease is fully established, but when there is even a small physiological disturbance in the body. And it is always better to plug the small crack before it grows and breaks the wall. An exclusive focus on treatment of big diseases might make us ignore the small cracks developing in the walls of our metabolism. However, these small cracks will look unignorably enormous if we see them from the perspective of perfect health. Why should a person with perfect health, have even a small headache? Actually, this small headache is more important than the actual migraine attack. It is a point where we can take a lead in the war against diseases.  Unfortunately, we try to gag the whistleblower- the pain instead of correcting the cause. No wonder the corruption spreads unchecked!

The slight shift in focus from disease treatment to health preservation can bring a sea change in the field of medicine.

Considering the above discussion, if we talk about the quality levels of Vaidya or Ayurvedic physicians as described in ancient text – the inferior Vaidya treats the disease after it occurs, the average Vaidya treats the disease before it occurs and the superior Vaidya keeps the people healthy, ALWAYS. With a superior Vaidya, people will not know what a disease is. And, the only difference here is the exclusive focus of the Vaidya – health or disease!


Treat not the Shadow!

If I actually have a dark spot on my face, should I treat myself or try to clean the mirror. Again, the focus makes the difference. We see only what we focus on. This fact reminds me that The etiology of many diseases is still unknown and most of them are actually never treated, only managed.

Most of the present treatment consists of removing or lessening the symptoms which are only the reflection of the disease. If we have pain, we numb the nerves; if we have a fever, we numb the brain from receiving signals of the pyrogens (fever-inducing agents released by bacteria). Instead of treating the cause, we try to remove the symptoms. And this is so because the focus is on the mirror-the symptoms and not on the body. We can see only the shadow when we have the light behind us. The need is to change the focus. Let us focus on the body, let us assist it to heal itself. Let us face the light and the shadow of diseases will be left behind.

We reach where we aim to reach. Removing the symptoms for temporary relief is definitely a milestone in the path to perfect health, but not the destination. Let’s not aim for the milestone but to reach the end of the journey – a state of perfect health!

Ayurvedic Treatment: A Return to the Original

 Suppose, while traveling via a car we digress from the main road and reach a dead-end, is it not better to find a way back home, instead of planning to camp outside forever.

Again, the focus on health is our salvation. The focus of Ayurveda is a return to the original healthy state of the body from the diseased state. A state of perfect health that existed before disease happened, a state where the there are no bacteria, therefore no pyrogens and no fever and not the other way round. So, it is not about symptomatic relief but an actual cure, a return to the original state of health. Why not rewind the pathological process instead of surgically removing the kidney stones or cancerous tumors and walk back to the original healthy state?

Return to Original State: Ayurvedic Approach to Treatment

Hope you liked these thoughts, let me know any suggestions for improvement and keep watching this space for more action.

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