Why there is no vaccine for common cold!!!

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Cold is not exactly a separate disease. It is like a headache, which can have multiple reasons. Therefore there no fixed reason against which we can focus to work in terms of a common cold.

Besides, according to Ayurveda, the cold is not outside but inside the body. It means that the cold is not caused by the external disease-causing factors like pathogens. Pathogens come inside the body as a result of the suitable breeding environment brought about by the metabolic disturbances. Let’s take an example, anti-social elements thrive in a corrupt society. But if the society is corruption-free and law and order are upheld by responsible social forces, anti-social elements might create some nuisance but they cannot rule the social environment. Likewise, a weak body succumbs to the relevant pathogen as a result of a metabolic loophole, whereas a strong body might not show any signs of disease. Ayurveda works on the basis of the Law of Attraction in some sense.

Ayurveda and Law of Attraction-II

The approach to developing a vaccine, in this case, is self-defeating in the sense that when you do not have an opponent, in reality, there can be no vaccines as well. Therefore, according to Ayurveda, in case of diseases like cold, cough, tuberculosis, meningitis, cellulitis, etc, there can be no vaccine as they are caused primarily due to metabolic malfunctions.

And Ayurveda says that if you do not remove the cause, you cannot cure the disease permanently. As a result of the improper approach, today we see an emergence of drug-resistant microbes.

The Basic Step of Ayurvedic Treatment

Now it is time to change the outlook, discard the ineffective, and embrace new approaches like immunotherapy.

Ayurveda says “preserve the health of the healthy, and then treat whoever STILL falls sick” – so smart!

I hope that we all discover the magical healing power within ourselves.

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