Causes and Prevention of Vitiligo According to Ayurveda


Vitiligo is a caused not by a single cause or even a group of causes. It is caused by a spiral of degrading dietary and lifestyle habits. Unnatural temperature fluctuations are one of the biggest cause of VITILIGO.

The possible causes for Vitiligo according to Ayurveda are

Exposure to Drastic temperature fluctuations ( eating ice cream immediately after a hot cup of coffee, drinking cold water or having a cold bath immediately after long sun exposure,

Wrong diet

  • Excessive intake of honey, jaggery, fish, lackocha (Artocarpus lacucha), also known as monkey fruit), radish, Makai (maize) esp. during indigestion
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  • Yava or barley
  • Kodo (A type of millet)

All these food items are supposed to induce dryness in the body.

  • If these food items are consumed along with milk, curd, buttermilk, Indian jujube, Horse gram, urad(black gram), linseed oil, or cooked in Linseed oil or Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius) oil, they can cause vitiligo.
  • If these factors are combined with excessive exercise, sexual activity or exposure to sunlight, along with mental factors of fear, feeling of fatigue and misery they become even more powerful disease-causing factors.
  • If a person afflicted with all the above factors, practices bathing in cold water, he has a high chance of developing vitiligo.
  • If the person with above dietary and lifestyle factors consumes acidic food without proper digestion of the previous meals, he climbs up the staircase towards vitiligo.
  • If such a person forcefully controls the urge to vomit, he gets closer to getting vitiligo.
  • Excessive consumption of oily food by such a person will ensure the occurrence of vitiligo.

All these factors govern the intensity and rate of spread of vitiligo also. More intense the factors, more will be the tendency of the disease to spread and lesser will be the chances to get cured fast.

These are the causes of Vitiligo according to Ayurveda, and at the same time, this also comprises of the things to avoid in case of Vitiligo. Avoiding the above causes help to prevent Vitiligo in case of a healthy person. It also helps to accelerate the cure of Vitiligo. 

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