Healing wounds with Sattu (Roasted Jowar-chana Flour)

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A few years back, my health was in a state of complete deterioration. I had multiple disorders – breathing difficulty, vitiligo, and by the end of 2016, I on the stage of pre-diabetes. But in the past three years, I have cured all my problems just by changing my diet and lifestyle. Here I want to share a story about magical wound healing with a traditional Ayurvedic home remedy.

Stress kills!

I had a deficient immunity due to extreme stress. I would get up in the morning and start sneezing. I would also catch cough and cold at the drop of a hat. Besides, I was cooking and working with water all the time because of my baby daughter.

Throughout my life, I had a reasonably good immunity. My wounds would heal, usually. But I believe that my immunity went drastically low. Even small cuts of knives would not get cured. Instead, they would swell and putrefy. And it almost always happens with stress. Stress kills your immunity and makes you more susceptible to all kinds of health problems.

In my case, I loved traveling. I had a well-paying touring job and all of a sudden, I became a stay at home mom. I personally believe that we must have some training for the new moms to help them settle down in their new routine. I hope to start something on these lines.

My daughter was not eating well and according to modern standards, she was underweight. Besides, it took my almost whole day to feed her. So, I felt that I am not earning and neither being a good mom!!! the bottom line was that I was totally stressed. In fact, now I understand better that I was suffering from minor post-partum depression.

Antibiotics are not the last option

Once I ignored a small cut on the outer side of my middle finger, and it swelled and got complicated. I took antibiotics for three days, but there was no improvement. I extended the course of antibiotics for five days, and then the hurt was cured. However, after a few months, I got another cut on my middle finger again, and this time the wound did not heal even after taking a course of 250 mg amyloxine for five days. I went to an allopathic doctor who prescribed 1000 mg amyloxine for seven days. And finally, a small cut on the finger was healed. This incident happened in 2016. But I could notice that my immunity was getting worse with time.

In 2017, I got another cut, and this time I did not want to go through the messy exercise of antibiotics. Every time I took antibiotics earlier, I always felt weaker than before. I felt that at this rate, there will be nothing left in my system except antibiotics. I sincerely believe that Ayurveda is the ultimate medicine, but ironically I never tested classical methods because I was never sure how they would turn out to be, or whether I would be able to implement them properly. I guess most of us don’t intend to explore unless pushed to.

So this time I decided that no matter what, I would try to find some other way to cure the wounds.

Do or Die with Ayurveda

With this cut, I immediately changed my food.

  • started drinking turmeric milk (100 ml milk diluted with 100 ml water, boiled with 10 gm turmeric for 10 min.) twice a day,
  • stopped eating oily food, grains, and vegetables.
  • survived on fruits and turmeric milk for dinner for close to 5-6 days. I think this helped to cleanse my system from the inside.
  • followed all the Ayurvedic rules for great digestion

However, the main break-through was the experiment with sattu or Sakth.


Sattu can be made from any kind of roasted grains. Roasted and powdered grains like rice, jowar(sorghum), chana (chickpea) form different types of sattu. The most commonly available sattu is made from roasted channa only . But ideally sattu should contain a combination of chana and jowar (1:4). Therefore, for this experiment, I have used this variety.


According to Bhava Prakash Ayurvedic Materia media, jowar sattu is especially a wound-healing agent. It helps to balance kapha(swelling) and pitta(inflammation). It is dry and lekhan( has a scraping action). Therefore, it can help to remove extra moisture, to dry the wound faster and remove the dead skin cell as well. It is also particularly mentioned to be very helpful in daha(inflammation).

Chana sattu also helps to control heat and inflammation.
One interesting sattu which usually is not available is rice sattu. It is mentioned in all classical Ayurvedic texts.
Rice sattu is cool, grahi(can help to control bleeding), and light. I have not tried this sattu for wound healing yet. Poha is roasted rice. So, if you choose to experiment with rice sattu, you can grind poha(rice flakes) and use it as a sattu.

Sattu Poultice for the fresh-cut/swollen wound

(based on Charak Samhita – Dvivraniyachikitsadhyaya 25/50)

This classical method can be used for mild bruises, small cuts. I have no record of usage for bigger wounds. However, I would like to try it.

  • When you have a fresh cut wound, wash it properly, and dry it.
  • Apply some dry turmeric powder on it to absorb any remains of water.
  • Wipe off and apply turmeric powder again to cover the wound.
  • Slightly warm chana-jowar sattu in little fat (preferably sesame oil/ghee/combination of both ghee and oil(1:1)) for 20-25 sec on a slow flame.
  • Mix all the ingredients well. Also, sattu should not get burnt. (I used 1 tsp chana-jowar sattu roasted in 1 tsp regular ghee available in the market.)
  • Make a small ball of this oil/ghee mixed sattu and apply it on the wound in the form of a poultice.
  • Secure the poultice with a bandage.
  • Change the poultice minimum twice a day. Make sure that the wound does not get wet with water or sweat.

I followed the above procedure, and clicked the pics of my figure everyday. However, it was 2018 and now I cannot find them anywhere in my drive or my mobile. Sincere apologies for that.

However, I observed the wound healed by itself over a week. And this time, I took no anti-biotics or applied any antiseptic to the injury. Also, I did not use turmeric powder after the first day as the swelling went down immediately.

However, I was really concerned about the wound getting bad all the time. So, I kept checking its status and religiously changed the poultice twice a day. I decided that even if it does go bad, it is only a small cut in the finger, and I can immediately take anti-biotics and apply some antiseptic cream. I had already tried allopathy so many times. And even at a cost, it does bring relief eventually.

But the way wound healed was really miraculous, and that too without taking any other Ayurvedic and allopathic medicine orally. However, I would advise everyone to take 1 tsp Haridra Khand with 100-200 ml warm milk (preferably A2 desi cow milk) twice a day, if you have a bigger or deeper wound. If you don’t like milk, take it with a tsp of ghee or honey (don’t mix ghee and honey).

I am confident that these results are replicable and verifiable. Anyone who experiments with this healing method will witness the same improvements.
Many thanks to Acharya Charak!!! This method is an excellent discovery for me because I am allergic to allopathic medicines, and they always bring more damage to me than good. I hope that it helps you too. If you also happen to experiment with sattu wound healing, first try it on a tiny cut or swelling. Also, please share your success story with me.

In a truly humane society, food and medicine should be free. Through Ayurveda, we can discover the magic of natural cure and curb the menace of reckless greed in the healthcare sector.

The Ayurveda Channel

Here is another method that I have not tried yet but heard it from another Ayurvedic doctor working in the tribal area. She described how she had used half-baked roti for healing wounds. In tribal regions, modern medical resources and medicines usually are not available. But tribals have developed their own extremely effective methods to cure themselves.

Will share soon Wound Healing and swelling removal through half-baked roti (Kachchi Pakki roti)
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