Museum of Ayurvedic Surgical Instruments

Do you know that ancient Ayurveda texts describe 101 types of distinct surgical instruments (probes, curates etc.) and 20 types of distinct surgical weapons (scapula, surgical needles etc)? According to Acharya Sushrut, the pioneer of Ayurvedic surgery (Shalya), the human hand is the best instrument 🙂

As a Ayurveda student , even I have not seen even a model of these instruments. It is extremely unfortunate that Indian Govt has done almost nothing for Ayurveda, compared to what Chinese Govt did for the Chinese medicine.

As therefore, I have this project in mind – to reconstruct Ayurveda surgical instruments and introduce everyone to the world of natural surgery options, where the herbal surgical threads not only dissolve in the body, but also provide antiseptic protection!

Initially, I thought that I will collect enough money and hire a goldsmith to make Ayurveda surgical instruments from noble metals as prescribed in Sushrut Samhita. However, now I feel that it is a waste of time and money in the intial stages. So I have chalked out phased development of a full-fledged Museum of Ayurvedic Surgical Instruments

Phase 1

Hire an animator and commission him to make 3 D animations of surgical instruments as described in the ancient texts.

Phase 2

Make a freely accessible online museum of Ayurvedic instruments, complemented with a detailed documentary.

The beauty of this online museum is that everyone will be able to access it anytime, anywhere from the world.

Phase 3

Hire a carpenter or a person interested in whittling the surgical instruments to make wooden replicas. Put their images and usage videos online.

Phase 4

Buy one acre land, build a well designed Museum and install the instruments. Open the museum for the Ayurveda students and general public.

Phase 5

Replace wooden instruments with gold and silver replicas

However, I need some financial aid to start the first phase. Please support the initiative on Google Pay – +91 9324484620. There is no minimum amount required. I am grateful for every single rupee that drops in.

Thanks for reading

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