My Dream Projects

I have a dream to set up a free residential facility for all pregnant ladies and mothers with children up to 5 years. This facility will be able to house rape victims, mothers facing domestic violence, mothers with female children (thrown out off their homes), sick or destitute mothers, mothers facing severe postpartum depression and any mother in the need of help.

This facility will ensure completely free accessibility to Ayurvedic food, lifestyle and all basic necessities. Expecting mothers will receive Nava-masa chikitsa (Ayurvedic 9-month regimen for pregnancy period). The facility will also provide vocational training to ensure financial security and independent living.

There is another amazing project on the lost science of Ayurvedic Surgery for interested people. I am looking forward to reconstruct ancient Ayurvedic instruments.

Looks pretty herculean task right now!!! and I have no clue how to do it. But I am floating this idea to receive some inputs. If you are already doing something like this or look forward to contributing, let me know. Thanks for reading 🙂

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