General Ayurveda Dietary Plan

General Ayurveda Dietary Plan is where you can start your Ayurveda Journey, because you are what you eat!

Why Home Remedies Don’t Work, and How to Safely Try Unknown Home Remedies!

Why don’t the home remedies work for some people and not for others? and is there a safe method to try unknown home remedies?

Ekadashi Fasting: Amazing Effects in Dental Problems

A live experiment with Ekadashi dry fasting on toothache and the results were amazing! Check out how?

What We Can Learn Today From Ayurveda

Holistic treatment, Psychosomatic approach, natural prevention and most importantly, the humanitarian attitude, there are so many things that we need to relearn from this ancient system of healing – Ayurveda!

What are Tridosha?

Tridosha are the most complicated of all Ayurvedic concepts. Here is what I have understood about the trio.

More about The Ayurveda Channel

Namaste, Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe in these uncertain circumstances. One of my clients is an Ayurveda teacher in US. She was practicing Ayurveda for more than 10 years …..and she did not know the very basic concept of ritucharya!!!. There are so many people who want to practice real Ayurved,Continue reading “More about The Ayurveda Channel”

Most of Ayurvedic Information has no link to Authentic Ayurvedic Text!

Namaste, ​ There is tons of “Ayurvedic” advice floating online. And they are meant to direct you to some “product”.However, many times they do not have any base in classical Ayurvedic text. ​I hope to create videos and animations on the authentic Ayurvedic text, with a logical explanation. ​ But, ​Ayurved is healing wisdom. ItContinue reading “Most of Ayurvedic Information has no link to Authentic Ayurvedic Text!”

The Ayurveda Channel

Welcome to the Ayurveda Channel. This is my attempt to put my ideas about Ayurvedic medicine in visuals and I hope that it will help to convey them in a much more effective manner.

Some Organic Info

Some good information about a healthy lifestyl

Why is a patient not allowed to have non-vegetarian food during an Ayurvedic treatment?

Ayurvedic treatment starts with stoppage of any disease aggravating factor. Appropriate food, which is easy to digest and creates minimum toxins while getting digested. The digestion normally becomes weak when the body is faced with a disease. Non-vegetarian food is a little harder to digest and absorb as compared to the vegetarian diet. Therefore toContinue reading “Why is a patient not allowed to have non-vegetarian food during an Ayurvedic treatment?”