Dosha is something which has tendency to malaise or spoil. It can be understood as a factor of catabolism (breaking down process in the body) Also Dosha is a concept in itself. According to Ayurveda, there are 3 kinds of Dosha or body temperaments – Vata, Pitta and Khapha. It is said that as lifeContinue reading “Dosha”


It is considered to be the end product of entire metabolism, or let us say, the fruit of it. Ooja is the protoplasm, life force or pure energy. According to Ayurveda, the food particles ingested in the body are converted to rasa or food juice, best part of rasa gets converted to Rakta (blood), best part of blood gets converted to Mansa(Muscles), best of which gets converted to Meda(Fatty tissue), Meda converts to form Asthi(Bone tissue),Asthi converts to Majja( Marrow) andContinue reading “Ooja”

Ayurvedic Definition of Health

Sam-Doshaha Sam Agni Shcha Sam Dhatu Malakriyah! Prasann Atma Indriya Manah Swasthya Ityabhidhiyate!! Balanced state of Dosha, Agni (digestive fires), Dhatu (Metabolic essence) and Mal (Metabolic waste) Happy soul, senses and mind constitute the (complete) health Kshetra of Ayurveda and Importance of mind Kshetra means field of Ayurveda, on which it acts. There are 2Continue reading “Ayurvedic Definition of Health”

Aim (priority) of Ayurveda

Swasthasya swathya rakshnam, aturashya vikara prashman ch Protect the health of the healthy and also treat disease of the sick The subject or aim of Ayurveda is defined as “KEEPING THE BODY HEALTHY” and treating the ones who fall sick. Let us realize that treatment of diseases is defensive approach as compared to keeping theContinue reading “Aim (priority) of Ayurveda”

Introduction To Ritucharya

Human body is a very complicated machine that requires regular servicing. Only vitamin pills, exercise and annual health tests are not enough. It faces seasonal changes, stress, lifestyle changes and a lot more; it fights against in numerous infections, trying to keep us alive. Swasthyavritta (Sphere of health) series celebrates the boon of a healthyContinue reading “Introduction To Ritucharya”