Introduction To Ritucharya

Human body is a very complicated machine that requires regular servicing. Only vitamin pills, exercise and annual health tests are not enough. It faces seasonal changes, stress, lifestyle changes and a lot more; it fights against in numerous infections, trying to keep us alive.

Swasthyavritta (Sphere of health) series celebrates the boon of a healthy mind and body. In this series, you will learn how to strengthen the fortress of your body and mind, prevent disease before their very onset, instead of falling sick and then getting cured.

Because life is too beautiful and time is too precious to waste on getting sick!

Ritucharya is the first book in this series. This series has Dinacharya (Healthy Daily Routine according to Ayurveda), Ritucharya part II (Seasonal regimen according to Ayurveda) and many more to come.

Ayu is the span of life as defined as the time or duration till the combination of soul, mind and body works together.

Ayurveda is not the science of human body and its treatment; it is the science of life. In its defining shloka

Hitahitam Sukham Dukhamayustasya hitahitam

Mansch tachch yatroktamayurvedh sa uchyate

The knowledge of beneficial and non-beneficial, comfortable and uncomfortable lives and what all is suitable for such lives is said to be the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Beneficial life is the one spent in righteous, benevolent and joyous pursuits. It is good for the soul, mind, body, community and nature. Non beneficial is opposite. Yet beneficial life might or might not be comfortable. Vice versa non beneficial life might be very comfortable on the material front. Ayurveda stresses on making life beneficial as well as comfortable.

Beauty of Ayurveda is that it provides space to all kinds of people – vegetarians, non-vegetarians, righteous or sinful and describes how their lives can be improved.

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