My Mindful Cooking

Mindful Cooking – the meditation that produces soulful food!

Minimalist Ayurvedic Life

Ayurvedic Life is essentially minimalist in its approach. It is the cheapest and the simplest. And you don’t need exotic herbs or expensive therapies to live an Ayurveda life. In this blog series, find out how you can live an Ayurvedic life with zero expenditure. Dedicated to all minimalists!

Minimalist Ayurvedic Medicine

Medical expense is a huge and indispensable cost. This blog series is dedicated to enable everyone to prevent diseases and get cured free of cost!

Ayurveda Minimalism

Ayurveda is neither expensive or exotic! It is very simple and cheap. In fact, true Ayurveda is FREE!


Mindfulness : A way to experience life every second!

Satvavjay : Ayurvedic Psychotherapy

Do you know that Ayurveda has a separate discipline called Satvavjay, a parallel science to modern psychotherapy? Let’s explore together the incredibly diverse and effective Ayurvedic mental treatment and how we can benefit from it.

Is it possible to live without food, water and even air?

There are 5 layers of existence, and they can feed you without food, water and even air!!! A superhuman existence is waiting to be explored!

Ekadashi Fasting: Amazing Effects in Dental Problems

A live experiment with Ekadashi dry fasting on toothache and the results were amazing! Check out how?

How much do you need to eat?

Most of the people are not able to decide the right kind and right amount of food they need. Ayurveda has a the answer hidden in a sutra and the answer is unique for everyone!

Eat Healthy, Eat Less!

According to great sage and Ayurveda pioneer Vagabhatta, you should eat healthy, eat less and eat according to the seasons! Let’s explore why eating less is crucial to good health!